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creative commercial photographer

My name is Alla Rodionova. I specialize in creative and fashion photography, editorials and look-books. 


My passion for the history of photography and painting, as well as my extensive experience working with creative groups and show-makers, has helped me to develop a fresh eye and a unique perception, hence to establish an extensive portfolio. Among Russian and foreign artists who came to my lens are Dima Bilan, Polina Gagarina, Max Barskih, EMIN,  the band Gradusy, Olga Buzova, Egor Creed,  Alina Kabaeva and many others. Today I myself create images and stories that I reveal in photo shoots. 


If you are interested in non-banal moves and non-trivial combinations, to make your advertising campaigns and other promotional activities catchy - I will be happy to create unique shots tailored to your preferences.


My thing is the wow effect, which is also achieved through provocation. I actively develop this direction of creative photography and am ready to do what others can't or don't want — but I understand the subtleties and don't cross the line. Your photos will not only attract attention, but also make people think. 


My work has been placed more than once in OK!, Hello and so on...

I've created several projects for Vogue Italia, Kalt Bluet, Awake magazine, Féroce, Archivo and many others .  If you orientate yourself towards these and other fashion editions, I will help you to create a similar style or get into the magazine, because I am familiar with all the features and peculiarities of such publications. At the same time, I will not only make the image beautiful and interesting, but also help you really feel, accept and love. 


Photography is art for me. But I also have an in-depth knowledge of production.That means that together with my team I will take over the whole process - from the idea to the realization: we will select clothes and accessories, with stylists and make-up artists we will prepare characters, develop a script or a mood-board if necessary, find and check the appropriate locations as well as corresponding technical equipment.


I opened my own studio in Dusseldorf, but I often work in Moscow and other European cities. In addition, I hold exhibitions and author's workshops, share my knowledge base and secrets - from questions of light and composition, pose and texture to searching for ideas and inspiration.  Do not limit yourself in the desire to preserve a unique moment or create it yourself, embodying even the most extraordinary ideas. I am open to cooperation anywhere in the world.


This moment is yours. And I can stop the time.

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FEROCE / ARCHIVE / Horisont / Bring me / POZA / Gmaro / Imirage / SALYSE /

Hello Russia / OK Russia /  Rutube 


Olga Buzova / Dima Bilan / Alina Kabaeva /

Max Barskih / Polina Gagarina / Emin Agalarov / Egor Creed / Loboda / Ulianna Karaulova / Dj Smash / Natalia Podolskaya / Tatiana Tur / Anastasia Spiridonova / Zara /  Anastasia Zadorojnaya / Gradusy / Stas Kostushkyn / Elena Temnikova / Diana D / Alexeev / Christina Orbakaite / Nadejda Babkina / Bardo Natalia / Vlad Sokolovsky / Vladislav Ramm / Vladislav Bubnar / Kolya Baturin



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